Missed our webinar on 1/27 w/ the Microsoft tech evangelism team? No worries. Here's the recording, and below is a summary of some of the questions we answered.

Q: My project needs to read/extract the text content of a document in SharePoint, such as a Word doc or PDF. I know on Windows there is the thing called iFilter, but is there a way to directly obtain text content from SharePoint? If the answer to the above is no, then, based on the fact that SharePoint provides search service, I believe the search index will need to extract the text content no matter how. Is there a way to utilize this process or its results?

A: With OneDrive, it’s more robust. You can get to document content for SharePoint online and definitely on OneDrive (for storage). More challenging for SharePoint on prem. Look at CSOM libraries for SharePoint to get content.

Q: How can I get a feed of all activities of a user’s groups? Looking for a single query for all groups rather than for individual groups, using the endpoint on the Graph API.

A: https://ie.talkgadget.google.com/hang... lists the groups that members of your organization are in

https://graph.microsoft.io/en-us/docs... lists groups you are a member of

Q: Is there anything like Google Forms for posting a survey in Groups?

A: Office Forms (similar to Google forms) by default, that can connect to SharePoint for storage. Through “SharePoints Forms” or MSFT forms writing back to a SharePoint site, you can use Groups as the permissions for that.

Q: What other criteria besides the listed judging criteria will Microsoft use to judge our Add-ins?

A: How much does it seem like a native part of Office? Suggest using the Fabric UI kit to access Microsoft iconography, styles, give your Add-in “fit and finish.”

You can also access the UX design templates: https://dev.office.com/docs/add-ins/d...

Q: I've tried to find in docs anything to listen for text changes inside of Word document and haven't managed to find it. Does office-js has some kind of this API?   

A: Older Object Model together with newer office-JS model (newer model with upcoming event work is not ready yet from MS)

So our eventing in the new Office.js model is limited. We do have the older version 1.0 eventing still supported in the new Office.js model. But for Excel we have more support for events, coming up in January. For Word, it’s in progress. If you use the older object model w/ the new js model, if a selection changes, you’ll have the older model. But if you’re lookng for newer richer js model w/ richer eventing support, that is upcoming.

Q: I’m not getting notifications from the microsoft graph outlook . Am getting a subscriptionId but when i create an email i dont get notifications back on my end. Am not sure if its my configurations or a cors issues. Any help? Am using the graph outlook webhook to subscribe to get mailbox changes. Am getting a subscriptionId but am not getting notification from microsoft. Are there api versioning issues to lookout for?

A: Here’s the troubleshooting step from the aspnet-webhooks-rest-sample readme.

The first part is to verify whether the problem is with the listener endpoint on the receiving end vs. whether the notification is not being sent. The second part is how to get help resolving the case where it’s not being sent.

If you're using ngrok, you can use the web interface ( to see whether the notification is being received. If you're not using ngrok, monitor the network traffic using the tools your hosting service provides, or try using ngrok.

If Microsoft Graph is not sending notifications, please open a Stack Overflow issue tagged [MicrosoftGraph]. Include the subscription ID, the time it was created, and the correlation ID from the response (if you have it).

You do have to make sure that you subscribe to the correct event/resource. For example, technically speaking, you wouldn’t get a notification for a “created” event on the Inbox when an email (draft) is created. Only when one is received.

Q: Hi, are the Excel 365 APIs considered part of the Graph API? That's all I'm considering to use for the hackathon...

A: Yes.

Q: What about protection - an office add-in from Sideloading? As I understand everyone can use public URL for web add-in and create the Manifest file manually and load my Office Add-in as sideloaded.

A: Send us the manifest file and we can sideload it.

Q: Ok to use beta channel of js lib in production ready extension? Is there npm published package with server versioning for office-js lib?

A: I think they are asking can they use the beta CDN in production-ready Office Add-ins? And the answer is no. Beta APIs are for trying out and giving feedback for their own prototyping, but we don’t want you using it in production applications.

For this hackathon, it’s fine. But for the Office Store, it won’t be accepted for publishing. Preview APIs are fine for the hackathon, but not for the Office Store.

Q: When creating a calendar event using Graph, the event ID is different for each attendee of an event. Is there a way to get a common id for all the attendees of an event?

A: https://dev.office.com/reference/add-ins/shared/binding.bindingdatachangedevent



Q: Hi there - I'm going to submit an Excel add-in. Should I just zip the file and host it on my website and submit the URL for you to download?

A: Yes, but please also send the manifest file for testing.

Q: What are the best places to get help after this webinar?

A: StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ms-office

Tag with “Office-js”

Office User Voice site: https://office365.uservoice.com/

Devpost: support@devpost.com