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Office Add-In Rule Clarification


I want to confirm that an Office add-in without a connection to any Office 365 APIs or Microsoft Graph is still a valid submission. If I recall correctly, last years' submissions did require either the APIs or a Graph connection, so I'm just looking for verification that an add-in connecting only to the JavaScript API for office is still a valid entry.

Thank you!


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    Hey Draisy!

    I'm going to send you an email with more information.


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    I am also interested in the answer for this question. Thanks

  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    Of course! The rules for what to build state the following:

    (i) What to Create: Makers must create or update an existing working software Application that will help deliver modern productivity to users. Applications must be one of the following:

    - An “Office Add-in,” which comprises Add-ins for SharePoint or Microsoft Office;
    - A SharePoint Framework web part;
    - An “Office 365 App,” which is an application that calls the Microsoft Graph or an Office 365 REST API; OR
    - A “Mobile Office App,” which is a native app for mobile devices that calls the Microsoft Graph.

    So for an Add-in to be eligible it must function in Microsoft Office or SharePoint, but it does not need to call a specific API. Does that make sense? If you have more questions, please let me know.

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