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Existing application

I am currently working on an application that fulfills the conditions for participation, but I started with development months before the contest started. The application is new and was never published before, and as an Office Add-In it used Office technology from the beginnin, therefore it is no existing applications that has been updated, but a work-in-progress that started earlier. Can such an application participate?


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    Hi Heinz,

    Thanks for reaching out! Yes, you are still eligible. The rules state, "What to Create: Makers must create or update an existing working software Application that will help deliver modern productivity to users. Applications must be one of the following:

    An “Office Add-in,” which comprises Add-ins for SharePoint or Microsoft Office;
    A SharePoint Framework web part;
    An “Office 365 App,” which is an application that calls the Microsoft Graph or an Office 365 REST API; OR
    A “Mobile Office App,” which is a native app for mobile devices that calls the Microsoft Graph."

    Please make sure your application fits into one of those types and it will be eligible. If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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    Thanks a lot!

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