•   almost 5 years ago

Microsft Your Tag Doesn't exists on Stackoverflow

You're telling people to tag questions with 'hackproductivity' but there are no questions with it currently.

That means new users can't use the tag. Also I'm of higher reputation and someone came and edited the tag out of my question.

I made a meta post about it here:



  •   •   almost 5 years ago

    As an update the StackoverFlow community seems to disapprove of this tag existing at all read the linked post for more details.

  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    I'm sorry to hear that is happening, Philip. I'm looking into it and will update you as soon as possible.


  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    Hey Philip,

    It turns out that the Hack Productivity tag will not be made available for StackOverflow questions. I'm sorry for the trouble. We updated our note about this and were advised that questions tagged with either #office-js or #microsoftgraph will be answered in ~12 hours. Please continue to use the tag that fits your question.

    Thank you so much,

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