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Stop OneNote from caching Add-Ins?

I'm having an annoying problem with OneNote (online) caching my Add-In. I'm sideloading my add-in and despite pushing a new build to my server, and doing a full refresh of the OneNote web page and re-inserting my Add-In, I still see the old add-in content. If I open a new tab using the Add-In URL found in my Add-In manifest, then I do see the new content so I'm almost certain it's a caching problem. In other words, I see the old content in the Add-In IFRAME provided by OneNote, but I see the new content if I load the same web page into a completely new tab.

Is there a setting or something I can do to defeat Add-In caching while I'm developing my Add-In?


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    Hey Robert,

    I just replied to your other discussion question and I believe the StackOverflow team will be able to help you with these technical questions:


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    Start up Internet Explorer (yes, the old version) and clear the cache. That seems to work for all of my stuff.

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