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Submitting an add-in to Office Store - help


Has anyone here successfully submitted their app to the office store? We are having some trouble getting past the licensing verification and would appreciate if anyone could help point us in the right direction.

We followed the steps outlined here https://dev.office.com/officestore/docs/add-license-checks-to-office-and-sharepoint-add-ins, added the .tok file for testing purposes, called the verification service with the et token, yet have not been able to get the expected response. The VerifyEntitlementTokenResponse returns false for all properties, including isTest, even thought we have correctly specified test="true" in our file.

Also, from another machine, using the same version of office, same registry edits, and same .tok file, we weren't able to get the token file to load at all, and the et query param never got appended to the initial request. I've seen a number of similar posts on stack overflow and msdn forums regarding this same issue, but haven't found a posted solution that resolves this problem.

If anyone could shed some insight on either of these 2 issues, we would greatly appreciate it :)

Thank you!


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